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School: NC State


Major: B.S. in Plant and Soil Science & Agroecology 


PROJECT: Home Garden in Cary


Internship Experience:


For my internship, I worked with Katherine Loflin also knows as "The City Doctor" in Cary to build a home garden. I learned event coordinating and fundraising skills, and learned how to better communicate with others to accomplish a task.



Throughout my experience with this internship, Shamsa guided me and helped me set a timeline. She helped me figure out how to spread the word about my project. With her help, I learned how non-cognitive skills are key and was able to successfully complete my project.

What is a life lesson you have taken from your internship? 


I learned not to be afraid to ask for help from others. I had a lot going on in addition to my project with the internship, so I was pretty stressed out. I realized that sometimes it takes a village to get things done, and that there is nothing wrong with admitting your weaknesses and asking for help when you feel overwhelmed with everything. I learned how to get complete strangers to believe in my purpose and mission and work towards my goal. 

How Do you think you might apply what you've learned in your internship to classroom or career situations?

I want to farm, and I intend to incorporate agritourism and volunteering of some sort into my business. The skills I gained in this internship will help me plan and execute events and delegate tasks to others. 



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