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Welcome to the Victory Garden Network

 Student Leadership CounCiL Internships


Created by college students, for college students the Student Leadership Council Internship provides a unique opportunity for peer-to-peer development. As a student intern you will have the opportunity to lead a project, start to finish, while we provide the resources and support necessary to succeed. Our unique program doesn’t just help you create something tangible, such as a home garden. It helps develop invaluable skills you can carry with you into the workforce.





Our Student Leadership Council Internship pairs mentors and mentees in a mutually beneficial partnership. The experienced mentor provides guidance and feedback while facilitating the personal growth and development of a less experienced mentee. The mentee benefits from the skill of the mentor, while taking an active role in his or her own learning and development. Both participants make huge strides in developing leadership, partnership, communication, and collaboration skills. The Victory Garden program grows strong communities, strong relationships, and strong individuals!



Our program to help you cultivate soft skills that you can continue to apply wherever your ambitions are rooted. We’re not just building garden beds, we’re building job-ready graduates and the leaders of tomorrow! 



“When companies are assessing job candidates, they’re looking for the best of both worlds: someone who is not only proficient in a particular function, but also has the right personality,” said Rosemary Haefner, Vice President of Human Resources at CareerBuilder. “Along with responsibilities, it’s important to highlight soft skills that can give employers an idea of how quickly you can adapt and solve problems, whether you can be relied on to follow through and how effectively you can lead and motivate others.”


Laszlo Bock, the Senior Vice President of people operations for Google said, “…in an age when innovation is increasingly a group endeavor, we also care about a lot of soft skills — leadership, humility, collaboration, adaptability and loving to learn and re-learn.”

The Soft Skills Our Internship Helps Promote

Project Management

Project management is the application of knowledge, tools, and resources to successfully achieve a desired outcome. For potential VG Network interns such as yourself, this means successfully leading and completing a home garden project. However, you'll carry the experiential benefits with you long after the completion date!


“Mastering the art of Project Management can help you become a better parent, neighbor, and citizen as well as a stellar performer at work.”– Terry Schmidt, Author


A hands-on learning environment helps you hone project management skills and build confidence that can only be learned through experience. Each student will manage one Victory Garden installation, from start to finish! With the help of a mentor, each student will be responsible for organizing volunteers, communicating with donors, collaborating with community members, and managing work flow on installation day!


Effective leadership unites individuals and keeps them engaged towards a common cause. Without leadership organizations flounder, individuals lose interest, projects go unfinished, and goals remain unfulfilled. 


Nearly half (46%) of companies said “leadership” was the skill hardest to find in employees Global Workforce Leadership Survey,


"...true leadership does not stop at the end of a meeting -- it extends to the way you conduct yourself in your personal life as well." – Jessica Billings, SADD Student of the Year


True leaders exude confidence under stress, adapt to ever-evolving projects, and keep their team members engaged and motivated. Whether you're practicing leadership on an international level or on a college campus, the process of connecting with others and working toward a common purpose is beneficial to your ongoing development.


Collaboration means working effectively with others not just towards completion of a single project, but towards the ongoing fulfillment of a mutual vision. 


In the average workplace 28 hours/week are spent writing emails, searching for information and collaborating internally -McKinsey Report.


96% of execs cite lack of collaboration and ineffective communications for workplace failures - Salesforce


“Working with others to share ideas, take a point of view, defend a position, give and accept feedback, achieve consensus, and apply knowledge to a common goal lead to intellectual growth... students must have the opportunity to develop these skills in challenging collaborative environments.” – Nina Morel, Lipscomb University


VG Network provides you the opportunity to build strong collaboration skills through working with other students on group projects, hosting and planning events, and implementing plans with other peers and community members.


Communication is not only the ability to share your thoughts and ideas; it also requires skilled listening. According to employers the most desirable candidates exhibit superior oral and listening capabilities, writing proficiency, presentation skills, and teamwork.


“Communications, teamwork, and interpersonal skills are critical—everything we do involves working with other people.” – US tech sector recruiter


Exceptional communication skills are the foundation of every successful enterprise. As a VG Network intern you will strengthen your ability to communicate clearly and effectively as you meet with homeowners, accrue sponsorships, order supplies, organize volunteers, and complete an actual construction project.


Presentation proficiency allows you to gather and organize information, perspectives, and experiences and share them in a compelling manner with a broad audience. In this age of social media, presentation applies to both verbal and written communications. Whether you're crafting the perfect e-mail or speaking in front of a board committee, presentation is important! 


“Presentation skills are the next competitive advantage. In this era of email, texting and voice mail, true face-to-face communication is becoming a lost art.” – John Fallon, teacher


--”Whether you are a student, administrator or executive, if you wish to start up your own business, apply for a grant or stand for an elected position, you may very well be asked to make a presentation.”  -Skills You Need


According to Forbes magazine, eighty-nine percent of employers say they want colleges to place more emphasis on oral and written communication. As a VG Network intern we will support you as you develop your professional communication and presentation skills. 


Our program helps students form lasting friendships, develop valuable soft skills, and promote strong, sustainable communities. Contact us to find out how we can help you grow!

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