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Hi, I'm Jennie and I'd love the opportunity to help create your green space!

I'm a senior at NC State University majoring in Plant and Soil Science with an Agroecology concentration.  I'm passionate about sustainable agriculture and local food systems, and I think home gardens are a great way to connect families with the environment and the food they eat. 


Since I was little, I've loved being outside and learning from the natural beauty around us.  I first discovered the magic of eating food that I helped grow while growing up on my family's small, sustainable farm in New London, NC.  Eventually, our love for knowing where our food came from led us to start raising pastured pigs and chickens. 


By helping install your home garden, I hope to gain fundraising and communication skills that will help me develop a similar program in my own community.  My dream is to connect families in and around my hometown to the wonder of watching a fruit or vegetable grow from a tiny seed.  My drive to improve local food systems has led me to a position as co-manager of NC State's very own Campus Farmers' Market.  I've also spent the past three summers working on organic farms in my hometown and around Raleigh.  While at school, I work for NCSU's University Scholars Program and NC State Ticket Central.  My hope for this internship is that it will help me gain the necessary skills I need to be a 'job ready graduate' and use my passion for sustainable agriculture, to 
create a planet where everyone will live a healthier tomorrow. 


I'd love to have you join me on my journey to a sustainable future.  Volunteers and donations are also welcome!  I'm looking forward to meeting you soon!



NCSU  | Senior

Saturday    October 22, 2016 

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