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-Lisa & Mark on their green space- 


Q: Why do you want to participate in the this project?















Q: Why do you want to grow your own food? 

A: During the times where my parents had their small backyard vegetable garden, I enjoyed going outside to pick the vegetables that my mother would cook for the day. Now, I love the thought of being able to grow and produce my own food; food that I know has been taken care of without harmful chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides. Being able to walk onto my balcony and pick food that I've grown on my own will be an incredibly empowering feeling!


Q: How will growing your own food benefit you? your home, your life, your family....

A: I believe there is a lot of pride and empowerment that comes from being able to successfully grow a portion of your food, especially on your balcony. Previously, we've always assumed that growing on a balcony within an apartment complex was impossible, and kept putting it off the idea of gardening altogether. Hopefully this will show others who also rent that it is possible to begin growing your own food!



Q: Do you cook? Any special dishes you & Mark like to cook?

A: We love to cook! We cook a lot of stir fries, curries, stews and soups. We enjoy eating healthy, so a big part of our diet are vegetables. Our favorite food to experiment with is stir-fry - there are so many varieties, and they are so easy to make. Best of all, they are incredibly healthy and tasty!


Q: Any special designs or aesthetics you want to use on your balcony?

A: The more plants the better!We get a lot of sun on our balcony, so we would love to fill out balcony with vegetables, herbs, and flowers.




A: We want to participate in the Victory Gardens project because we want to be able to grow a portion of our own food. We also want to use our example of an apartment balcony garden to inspire others who rent by showing them that it is possible to maintain a garden that produces a variety of vegetables and herbs.  


Q: Have you ever grown food before? 

A: I have not grown food, however my parents had a garden growing up. It was a small, backyard garden, and we grew squash, bora, cucumbers, and tomatoes. 



Balcony Top 


Lake Johnson Neighborhood

Meet the renters, Lisa & Mark

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