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April 1, 2017 

My name is Olivia Chadwick and I am a junior majoring in Nutrition here at North Carolina State University. I am the next Student Leader for Victory Garden Network. VG Net’s goal is to help students develop marketable skills while working on a civic engagement project.  It’s a great opportunity for me to learn hands-on skills while leading and designing a home garden for a homeowner in Raleigh!


I grew up on an orchid farm in rural Powhatan, Virginia, and have been around flowers and plants my entire life. In my free time, my little brother and I would always play outside on our orchid farm of 16 acres. Coming from such humble beginnings, I have a huge appreciation for nature and the ecosystem around us. I have worked at a local herb and vegetable farm over the past two summers, and have learned the ropes on starting, maintaining, and running a sustainable farm. I am passionate about healthy eating and educating the local community on how simple it is to grow your own food!


This project means a lot to me and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to help a Raleigh resident discover how rewarding a Victory Garden can be. From this experience I plan to learn how to manage a project from beginning-to-end while recruiting volunteers, developing a fundraising campaign, assembling garden materials, and managing social media to encourage interest while reflecting on my professional development.


I will be updating my support group over the course of the next five months. My big day to lead is Saturday, April 1, 2017, which is also Service Raleigh.

How you can help:

Or donate and volunteer!


What else can you do?

Share this link with your favorite veggie on your social networks (don't forget to tag us, like us, follow us). If you do, I will incorporate your favorite vegetable in my design. 




Olivia Chadwick

VG Intern

NC State University ‘17


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