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Shamsa Visone





The world doesn’t always send clear messages, but when it does that message might be a gigantic, toppling oak tree. For Shamsa, nature literally landed in her lap! Luckily, she didn’t hold a grudge. She bears deep respect for the natural world and started the Wedge Connect Program, which helped students complement their chosen field of study under expert mentorship through the Wedge Community Garden. She draws inspiration from Bette Midler’s New York Restoration Project, which has planted over one million trees in low-income neighborhoods of New York City since 1995. With help from her mentees and community members, she competed at the national Neighborhood, USA conference, winning both the Multi-Neighborhood Partnerships award and the Grand Prize for USA, Neighborhood of the Year.


Encouraged by mentors Will Allen and Dan Bagley she started the Victory Garden Project to help students re-root and grow in their communities. She dreams of mentoring students and providing every opportunity for them to flourish and be job-ready at graduation. Shamsa is a community-building, nature-loving mentor with a knack for student development. Her primary goal is to honor her students, herself, and the traditions of the Greatest Generation.

Christina is a North Carolina State Univeristy alumni with a B.S. in Biological Sciences. She...

Christina McChesney





Courtney Bachman





Courtney "Carmela" a Natural Resources major, approaches life like it’s a garden: she plants seeds of opportunity and knows through patience and hard work she can grow a stronger sense of self and community. She wants to help bring people into the outdoors! She is passionate about using nature as a tool for people to help themselves and one another. She knows good soil yields a good harvest, and is eternally grateful to her parents for their support and encouragement. A seasoned traveler, "Carmela" has visited nearly every state in the continental United States. Her hobbies include community development, culinary adventuring, and teaching her Catahoula mix Cash how to give the world’s greatest hugs. 

Hannah Rogers 





Hannah’s exuberant spirit and unbridled enthusiasm are the twin jetpacks propelling her through life. This eternal optimist dreams of leaving a lasting and positive impact on the world. Her varied experiences (and the companionship of her cat, Spitfire), have shaped her into the fun-loving adventurer she is today. As a freshman in the Exploratory Studies program at NC State, she is eager togain valuable educational tools that can be carried into every area of her life. Hannah loves that Victory Gardens are an accessible option for every individual, regardless of disability, time constraints, or monetary limitations. Her love of nature drives her to camp, hike, swim, and explore everything Mother Nature has to offer.

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