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When Shamsa Visone and her husband moved from San Diego, CA to Raleigh, NC six years ago, she had no idea how much she would come to love her new home. And Raleigh has benefited from her relocation as well! 

Shamsa holds an undergraduate degree in Finance & Accounting from Baruch College in New York City and a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies from NC State with a concentration in student leadership and development.

As part of her graduate school project, she Co-founded YALP  as a rigorous, three-month student leadership and development program where she positions undergraduate students for post-college success through mentoring. She is convinced that today’s competitive environment demands that college students hit the ground running with strong critical thinking abilities, leadership skills, and project management competence – ‘soft skills’ that will shape the way they succeed on the job and in the community. 

With a ‘Think and Do’ philosophy at the heart of her programs, she has offered undergraduate students the opportunity to build their skills, self-confidence and passion for learning by engaging in local community development projects.

Her projects have been recognized by City of Raleigh, Raleigh City Council, Alexander Family YMCA and Triangle Downtowner Magazine as their best community engagement projects that leverage the Asset Based Community Development framework. Her projects beat 45 other cities in the 2015 Neighborhoods, USA competition, bringing home the ‘Multi-Neighborhoods Partnerships Award’ AND the USA Best Neighborhood Grand Prize (2015).

With her passion for student mentorship, her student organization at NC State was awarded the Deborah S Moore award for ‘Outstanding Student Organization’ and receiving recognition at the Green Brick Awards (2017).


In addition, Shamsa received the L.E.A.D ‘Enable Others to Act’ Wolfpack Leadership Challenge Award for her YALP program (2017). 

Shamsa Visone has eagerly invested her talents and her passion for the betterment of university students and her new hometown of Raleigh. She is indeed a welcome addition to our city!

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