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A Victory Garden Grows in South East Raleigh

This garden is simply amazing! We moved into our new house less than a year ago and I knew right away I wanted to plant a garden. Shamsa, Dr. Patterson and the Victory Garden Network have helped to make my desire a reality! There is such great space in our backyard and we get a ton of sunlight throughout the day. Shamsa was very helpful prior to the garden project to guide me to prep our land to make it optimal for productive planting. It was a great experience working with the group of students who participated the day of the project. They were all very eager to help in any way and worked diligently to complete the project. My children were also very excited about this project and helped with adding and shoveling soil, building a compost bin and painting the cinder blocks that surround the garden. It was very beneficial for them to see the students participating in a project that helps others.

My family and I would like to thank the Victory Garden Network for helping us build and plant our beautiful garden and all the people who made donations to help purchase the plants, vegetables and materials. I would also like to thank my friend Tara who helped with everything, especially building the compost bin! We are looking forward to enjoying our garden harvest!

Our newest Victory Gardeners, Tara (right) and her daughter Kayla and son Solomon in front of their new garden

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