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Victory Garden Campaign

I'm Ellen and I want your help to become a successful Victory Garden Network Student Leader.

What is Victory Garden Network? It is an organization devoted to assisting students in learning the soft skills they need to be successful in the workplace! With guidance from members, the student must lead a team of recruited volunteers to install a garden in a local family's yard to develop these skills. Through marketing, fundraising, and coordinating of this project I hope to acquire skills of communication, project management, and leadership-- to name a few.

So, will you help me reach these goals and gain the skills I need to stand out as an employee after college?

My goal is to reach $500 in just a month through Gofundme! And this week I'm aiming to raise $100 to start the campaign off with a bang! Not only can you donate to this cause, but you can recommend a plant for us to grow in the garden from this list here for the month of November; with your donation and recommendation we will paint a cinder block of the garden’s wall with your name-- as a proud sponsor!

If you can't donate-- have no fear! We accept physical donations of things we would otherwise buy for the garden; things like paint, soil, compost, cinder blocks, plants, vegetable seedlings, seeds, and birdhouses! I am also in need of passionate people to spread the word!

Forward this email or share the webpage with more information here.

I appreciate your time reading my message and keeping track of what I'm up to, if you're still interested, here's some information about me.

I’ll be sharing my journey with photos and social media updates through completion of the project on Facebook: Victory Garden Network, emails, twitter, Instagram @go.vgnet, and the blog. So follow, share, and like our content! The only way we can spread the word and the happiness is with communication!

I'm always in contact with some of the most committed and welcoming people through programs like these and I'm glad to include you all in that.




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