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Ellen's End of Week 1 Victory Garden Update

Hello all!

I am excited to announce that in less than a week we have raised $70 of our total! The ball has started rolling and to keep up the momentum I visited a potential homeowner.

Here's what I thought about the yard and the homeowner:


  • She is a leader in her community

  • There are children in the household

  • There is a nice area for a 12'x5' garden with plenty of sun

  • There is close access to water

  • It is within walking distance of campus


  • One area of the yard is completely shaded

  • She hasn't yet committed

As you all know, my goal is to learn some key skills like communication (why I am writing to you) and also how to do a fundraising campaign. Thank you to those who have donated. I would love to plant some fall veggies in your name.

If you love kale, broccoli, lettuce and brussel sprouts, let me know so I keep you in mind when I’m designing the garden. I am thinking about using cinder blocks to plant strawberries vertically and would love some suggestions of designs.

Also, my sister has been making banana ice cream and it seems like people who have tasted it love it! For those of you coming out to help me at the event, be prepared for a treat.

As always, spread the word and connect with us on Social Media:

You can always reach me via email. To donate to help bring this garden to fruition, please donate through gofundme.



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