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Engaging Volunteers

Hello Volunteers,

Welcome to the team! Thank you for your service on November 12 to help install a garden within walking distance of campus!

Some of you mentioned that you are interesting in helping out in different ways, and I want to see if anyone wants to do the following the day of:

1) Take photos

2) Do interviews

3) Make a time lapse video

I am also interested in finding those of you with special skills like:

1) Artists out there to paint

2) Designers to help me design the garden

3) Photography (pictures/video/interviews)

If you have favorite fall veggies you would like us to plant, let me know! You can always email me.

You can also share the info below:

If you want learn a bit about me, you can read my profile here:

I would love it if you all could spread the word to get people engaged, donating, and looking forward to updates!

Connect with us on Social Media to post your photos and videos:



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