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One Week to When I Lead

Hello Everyone!

First of all, you all deserve a round of applause! We have raised enough money to make a wonderful garden for the Roberts' family, but like most things in life it can always be improved. We would love to add a greenhouse over the garden to allow the kids to start seedlings in the spring and keep the critters out. The Robert’s backyard has lots of special “visitors.” We have raised 370 dollars and need just 130 dollars, so continue spreading the word!

My mentor and I have also discussed selling roller balls and using the profits towards this project. So as an alternative means of fundraising, here are the products being sold at a local Raleigh Pharmacy Market on Glenwood or you can just email me directly. Below is an excerpt about them from their creator, Shamsa:

Roller Balls

Essential oils are scientifically proven to calm, soothe, and relieve anxious thoughts. They can also support deep sleep, relaxation, and lift feelings of overwhelm and stress. I KNOW that we all need a little bit of help in all of those areas! So the blends we can make now are:

Embrace Clarity

Focus Blend

Release Grief

Homework Helper

Belly Blend

Release Worry

Sleepy Time

Embrace Harmony

Embrace Gratitude

Hormonal Wreck

Immune Booster

And I have already bought and paid for some of the supplies we need for the big day-- just ONE week away! I would like to mention the wonderful places and people that have given us in-kind donations so far, so you know how hard I've been working to spread the word about Victory Garden Network:

  • Lowes has given us a reduced price for the cinder blocks, halving the initial cost after hearing about this gardening project!

  • Campbell's Nursery has entirely donated the veggies and flowers (to attract pollinators) for the garden! They're located in Raleigh as well and we go to them for all our plant needs! Here we are with Gerald (only some of us are total Wolfpack fans):

With Gerald and Liz

Pieology, on Hillsborough Street, is going to provide enough pizza for all the volunteers next Saturday, free of charge and happy to help local organizations! Here I am with Donna, our enthusiastic contact at Pieology:

There are also all of you and more thank-you's to follow after installation!

This morning I also went shopping with the Roberts' family!

Ellen with the Roberts kids

It was chilly and we had loads of fun picking out leafy greens and "trees" (or broccoli as I call it) and making snap dragons talk! The kids are very excited and ready to plant these- and they understand that they have to take care of the plants if they want to eat them later on! Right now we have broccoli, various kales, collards, and brussel sprouts, and I'll find some garlic and parsley soon too.

Next week is the installation and I am ready. I have volunteers ready to dig, take pictures, plant, paint, and more! And I like to think they're excited too, they've even responded to my emails! Here is info about my project, and info about the organization Victory Garden Network.

So as always, you can always contact me via email, and feel free to spread the word!

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