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Three weeks away from installation!

Hello Friends!

We’re only three weeks away from installation! Thank you all! We have raised 170 dollars total so far and we have a busy family who wants a garden in their yard! On Monday I’m meeting them all in person and I’ll have more info on them and the direction of the project next week to keep you updated.

Ellen Dubis

I think it's important that you know why I am doing this project. I believe in helping people, in community, and in individual and environmental sustainability. Victory Garden Network does not require the family be needy (financially), these are families busy with their lives, who just need a little help to branch out and do something new. These families are poor in gardening experience, free time, and manual labor; and since there is no undeserving poor, we are going to help them. And while I’m concerned with completing this project, GoVGNet’s main objective is to develop the student’s (my) skills using the garden installation as a tool to do so. So thank you again for reading my updates, there’s just a bit more of what I’ve been up to…

So Saturday morning was my peer Jennie’s project. I went to help out and see what it would be like as a volunteer without the worry and planning and coordinating! It was chilly! I learned that enthusiasm, communication, and an outline of a plan for the two hours will be successful in keeping everyone social and working.

Also in the works is my personal blog/web-page with info all about this project! It’s going to have all the information on the project in one place! I should have it finished in a few days and I’ll send out the link and a mini-update then!

Please keep spreading the word and forwarding this information to interested family, friends, and colleagues.

As always, feel free to email me with requests, comments, or critiques!

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