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Two Weeks Away!

Hi Everyone!

I have made the website with all the information about this project in one place! Here it is:

I am still updating it as we go along!

We are two weeks away from installation and just one week from picking out the plants! Thank you all for your interest and support in this project, I couldn't do it without you.

I met the Roberts family this week and they are very excited to start a garden in their yard! Liz is a pastor at a local church and her husband Erin works as a safety inspector. They have two small children who cannot wait to dig and grow green plants! Already they sheet-mulched the entire area where the garden will be and they even mentioned sharing their harvest with the local community to spread the love.

I can't believe how much communication is needed to put something that seems so small into action. With your help, we will reach our funding goal and install the Roberts' family garden!

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