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Fundraising is One of the Top 5 Skills Employers Want in Employees

Hello, friends!

Fundraising has always been a weakness of mine. Growing up, I was taught to avoid asking for money unless absolutely necessary. This internship has taken me out of my comfort zone in terms of fundraising for the project! I have gained more confidence in talking with my network and utilizing GoFundMe. For employers having fundraising skills is more than just fundraising. It’s about learning to tell your story. It’s about learning to connect your support system with your mission and purpose. Here’s a quote from the Year Out Group, “Skills gained on a well-structured gap year are much in demand from employers. These include fundraising, working in teams, risk management, thinking under pressure and the international perspective gained by working in another culture. But perhaps the greatest benefit is the increase in confidence that comes from tackling a major challenge and succeeding.”

For the garden installation, I had to fundraise/request donations for tools, seeds, seedlings, and flowers/herbs. This project requires a lot of supplies that aren’t exactly cheap, and having the ability to fundraise within the community really takes the stress off of me.

In order to be a successful fundraiser, it takes many different skills (that I am learning!)

  • Good communication skills; both verbal and written

  • Budgeting

  • Relationship building

  • Organizational skills

  • Planning ahead

Just to name a few, these are highly competitive skills that employers are seeking. By managing the GoFundMe site and updating my network, I am one step closer to mastering these steps.

One thing I could have done better is to networking earlier. By giving out information cards, emailing different organizations, and telling everyone I meet about the project, I am raising awareness and creating a sense of urgency for donations. Without the correct funding, I would not be able to successfully implement the home garden. Luckily, many people are very interested in the goals of the project and are willing to donate to the cause.

If you would like to volunteer on April 8th from 9:30-11:30am, click here.

To donate to my project, click here.




Hope to talk to you all soon.



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