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Learning Recruitment Strategy

Hello everyone!

In any larger project, there is the subject of recruiting help. I cannot install this garden on my own- so it was up to myself and my mentor, Shamsa Visone to find recruits! Many classes require/strongly encourage volunteering in the community. In some cases, this could even be taken for a grade! Providing 2 fun volunteer hours right next to campus helped gain student helpers.

It was agreed upon that I needed roughly 15-20 people to help. I just emailed a previous professor’s STS 323 class, “World Population and Food Prospects”, asking for volunteers for the morning of April 8.

My family is extremely outdoorsy and offered their help as well. This added 3 extra people that I wasn’t planning on! My mother (pictured) works on a farm and will be helping to lead the herb planting. My brother is very talented with a camera, so he will be in charge of photography and videography.

I have already had some emails come in for more volunteers, and am extremely excited for the turnout on the big day.

One thing I could have improved on was emailing early on in my internship more students on the “” website earlier. This is where all of the student clubs and organizations on campus can be contacted for volunteering, extra help, etc. However, I have no concerns that we will be able to receive enough volunteers!

If you would like to volunteer on April 8th from 9:30-11:30am, click here.

To donate to my project, click here.




Hope to talk to you all soon.



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