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What We Do



As we move forward, we expect we will evolve so stay tuned.




The Young Adult Leadership Project Y.A.L.P. is a student leadership and inter-generational mentorship program. We position students for post-college success through a rigorous mentorship program based on the practical application of critical skill sets.

Our mission is to empower students with the confidence and assurance to transform knowledge into action and dreams into reality as future leaders of our global society.

53% of young people dream of being the leader or most senior executive at their current company. That is why each college student in our Student Leadership Program plays an important leadership role. Our expectations are challenging – but our approach is simple and straightforward. Each student will develop vital leadership, communication and project management skills while building community relationships. With the support of their mentors and the resources that we provide, they will be expected to plan, market, fund, coordinate and execute a successful community project within our three month time frame. At the same time, they will also be expected to mentor local high school students, thereby contributing to the inter-generational transfer of knowledge.

‘Learning by doing’ is at the heart of our program. Today’s competitive environment demands that college students hit the ground running with strong critical thinking abilities, leadership skills, project management competence, and a set of core values that will shape the way they conduct themselves on the job and in the community – now and in the future. Today’s college students will be tomorrow’s leaders. They will have the opportunity to discover and implement innovative but practical solutions to challenging social, civic, economic and environmental problems. With our support – they will be prepared.


On project days community members of all ages  come together.  It’s that simple--students developing leadership, communication and project management skills while building community and planting gardens.


In addition, Project Leaders work with Haven House youth for two hours during the installation. Not only will this let the kids get their hands dirty, but it will also give them the opportunity to spend time with a cool college student. We hope the time they spend together will be a positive experience for everyone involved.


Check out  our Success Stories here. 

Our community engagement projects are for people from all walks of life. Apply for your project today!

We will always install these gardens on Saturdays from 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. We will provide the cylinder blocks, soil, seeds, seedlings and volunteers.

Our Goal is to realize Our Victory by:

  • Providing a focus for students’ efforts and projects

  • Enabling people to grow their own food

  • Promoting community engagement

  • Building community

  • Encouraging students to “learn-by-doing”

  • Gaining from and giving to something bigger than ourselves

  • Developing a student-run leadership program

  • Going back to our roots

  • Celebrating victory for student mentorship, engagement and leadership opportunities

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