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September Installation! Tara & Family

September 20, 2016

Tara & Family

"As much as I really want a garden, I don’t know how to begin. It would be great to have knowledgeable students to help me get started and give me tips on how to be successful with my harvest. That would also be a great example for my children..."


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We are a community of volunteers, sponsors, homeowners, & mentors.

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Recent Projects

9th Grader Roshan Leads Victory Garden

April 9, 2011

Balcony Top Victory Garden for Renter Lisa

June 11, 2016 

"I [want] to use my example of an apartment balcony garden to inspire others who rent by showing them that it is possible to maintain a garden"


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NC State Freshmen Leads Victory Garden




"Hi, I'm Kyra. I am a freshman at NC State and part of the Exploratory Studies Program.  I would like to spend this year developing skills that will help me select a major..."


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