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School: NC State


Major: Environmental Science and Spanish 


PROJECT: Victory Garden in Southeast Raleigh


Internship Experience:


Through this internship I have learned how to become a better leader in various ways. I have improved my communication skills (both written and verbal), I have worked with and led people of all ages in this project (elementary to adult) and have more experience with outreach (such as fundraising, finding volunteers, etc.).




Through the Student Leadership & Development program, I have further developed many desirable skills such as leadership, project management and most of all communication and collaboration. Shamsa was extremely helpful and knowledgeable when it came to drafting proposals, fundraisers and emails! I am so glad I go to work side by side with her and build a strong relationship throughout my time spent in this program.

What is a life lesson you have taken from your internship? 


I have always been rather shy so I was a bit nervous to be leading this project, but it was refreshing to come out of my shell and develop my leadership skills through this internship. I learned that by coming out of my shell, I can learn and be inspired by myself and by others.  


How Do you think you might apply what you've learned in your internship to classroom or career situations?


The communication skills that I developed throughout this project will help me now and in the future to better communicate with my peers and teachers.



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