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School: NC State


Major: BA in Anthropology



Internship Experience:


This internship has confirmed the importance of time management and proper communication. Whether that means an endearing, eloquent message or a blunt text, my communication skills have certainly evolved. Working with so many different groups also forced me to either be unprepared or finish things well beforehand and without much of a choice I did the latter to successfully coordinate and install a garden! 




Under Shamsa I was mentored, encouraged, and forced to lead, eventually becoming the mentor for my gardening group. "Mentoring by Mirroring" is how I think of it, with a few additions of my own, of course. I could not have had a more encouraging mentor who trusted me to run the show and seemed to be there in case I fell. 

What is a life lesson you have taken from your internship? 


When in doubt, prepare, prepare, prepare-- efficiently. 


How Do you think you might apply what you've learned in your internship to classroom or career situations?

The time management aspect has already helped my classroom experiences. I feel confident that I can work effectively in or leading a team. I also have more confidence in means of communication and presentation in general. All of the skills that I focused on are applicable for the classroom or the office. 



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