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School: NC State


Major: B.S. in Biology: Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation


PROJECT: Pollinator Garden, Haven House groups


Internship Experience:


I gained experience in planting, composting, and harvesting vegetables. I also learned that working with high schoolers is what I want to do for my career, working with Haven House was truly a rewarding experience.




Shamsa was always there for support and guidance on anything in the garden. She is the person I worked with a majority of the time at the garden. It was a wonderful learning experience.l would be more than happy to work with her again.


What is a life lesson you have taken from your internship? 


The life lesson I learned is that despite age, race, religion, etc, anyone can bond and connect over planting a garden and connecting with nature in a way they may not have before. It is a special experience to get your hands dirty with someone you have never met before. 


How Do you think you might apply what you've learned in your internship to classroom or career situations?


I am headed to Duke University this summer to start a Masters of Arts in Teaching program. Shamsa was one of my professional recommendations. I am thankful for her support and guidance in moving forward in my career as a high school biology teacher. 



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