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The Patel Green Space Project




NCSU Service 



Student Leader



9th Grader

Broughton High School

Karen Guy
Wine & Roses Gardening Services
Wake Forest, NC
Sponsoring: Compost
Q: When I say "Victory Gardens" what comes to your mind?
A: "When I think of Victory Gardens, I remember my Nana's vegetable patch in the back of her property, behind my Pop-pop's barn and work-sheds. She would send me there on summer days to pick fresh cucumbers and tomatoes for lunch. She canned, pickled, preserved, sauced, you name it. The stairs to her basement were lined with jars of her homemade deliciousness. Jars were tucked everywhere down there. She'd lived through the depression, WWII, and like many in her generation, had to be self-reliant out of true need. But when abundance returned, and by the time I was around, there were plenty of other options, though none so flavorful as homegrown. So thankfully she didn't stop gardening. It had become part of her. She didn't just feed me with the garden, she gave me memories I will treasure forever." -Karen Guy
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