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Broughton High School  | 9th Grade

Hi, I’m Roshan!
I’m here to install your home garden!
I am a 9th grader at Broughton High School and I love Biology, Game Design, History, and English.  I want to spend this year developing skills that will help me flourish in high school, and carry those skills with me into the great wide world! I am eager to acquire

experience that makes me an asset to future colleges and employers. The best way to learn is to do. By letting me lead YOUR home garden project, you are providing me the opportunity to develop valuable, lifelong skills!
I may be young, but I have traveled extensively with my family. I spent 8 years living in England and have visited Cuba, India, Canada, France, Portugal, Luxembourg, the Netherlands. My adventures have taught me that it is critical we connect to the land and the food that we grow. I am interested in edible gardens and sustainable eating. I love to cook what I can, and help my parents with dinner almost every night, under the watchful eye of our dog, Simba and two cats. I am thankful to my parents for raising me with an appreciation for nutritious food and the natural world. 
I am excited for the opportunity to lead your garden project! I know that I will be benefitting from Victory Garden Network’s expert mentorship as I develop leadership, communication, and collaboration, and presentation skills. Let’s grow together! 



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