Lisa & Mark

This garden space has surpassed all expectations. Having lived in this apartment for a year, it was always a dream to have more greenery and grow herbs/vegetables on the balcony. Shamsa and the Victory Garden Network have helped that dream become a reality! Given our limited space (10x8 feet), we wanted to utilize the space to the fullest while maintaining a comfortable outdoor setting. It was great to work together and formulate a plan from start to finish. During the process we gained valuable knowledge about keeping the plants growing and flourishing. It was a very enjoyable experience working with the group, which included two young men who were learning how to pot and maintain plants for the first time. We hope that our garden balcony inspires other renters in the Raleigh area, showing that it is possible to have a garden area even without yard space. We’d like to thank the Victory Garden Network for helping us design and implement such a beautiful garden balcony. We’d also like to thank the volunteers at Haven House for helping us paint our pots and plant our herbs, vegetables, and flowers. And Beth, my classmate for running out and getting so many color pots. Lastly, we’d like to thank the Council for Women for sponsoring our balcony. None of this would have been possible without the help of such a great community of supportive organizations!

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