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The Big Day

We did it!!

Without the help of the volunteers, donations, Haven House, my mentor Shamsa, and Campbell Nursery, the garden could not have been installed.

I am so fortunate to have been a part of the Victory Garden experience.

In the beginning of this internship, I was very nervous for this day! I had never led such a big group before, much less towards building a garden for a family in Raleigh. Using the soft and hard skills I have learned, including collaboration, communication, leadership, fundraising, social media, and project management, I successfully led all of my volunteers towards a common goal.

We had 3 stations- the herb palette station, the flower bed station, and the large veggie bed station. I divided up volunteers and placed each Haven House volunteer with a college student. This allowed them to form a relationship while they were helping to install the garden. I am extremely happy with the results! The herb and flower station finished earlier, which I had anticipated, so I had all of the volunteers start decorating the cinder blocks with spray paint, transfer the extra soil into the other beds, and finish up planting veggies in the larger bed. I could not be more proud of everyone who came out to support me and this project, so THANK YOU!

Leading a project is truly exhausting, so the rest of the day will be spent napping.



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