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A Few Days Away!

Hello Everyone!

Thank you all for your support, we have managed to obtain all the supplies for Saturday’s garden installation. For the day-of, I have created a plan and have appointed a few volunteers to be mini-leaders, in charge of small steps of the project, in case someone has a question and I can't do two things at once! These mini-leaders have brief instructions for their step of the project, so they know what is going on.

I have come to rely on time-management skills through the course of this project while balancing my classes and personal life and planning ahead to next year!

My experiences have made me grateful for your support in my endeavors and your willingness to hear my journey and learn alongside me. I hope that in the next week you continue the involvement in my project and the journey with Victory Garden Network.

Also, I do write these emails myself; I have on my calendar a heading such as, “Reminder Email to Network 2 Days Before Installation” and then this email has to be written, edited, reviewed once more for content and audience, and then sent out! I have grown to appreciate all of you and feel as though we connect, and with that in mind I would love to hear any stories you may have about public-service organizations or your feedback to this project.

For the Roberts’ garden: we have purchased PVC pipes and plastic to act as a greenhouse for the winter so the plants don't freeze! We also provided the kids with a colorful garden journal to help them learn about what they plant each season and keep track of their harvest. I’m pretty excited today because Liz just confirmed the cinder blocks and the compost was delivered!

Lookout for an email later Saturday all about the project! I'll send another email out Sunday and update both the VG website and my site with it. After that, I plan on creating an online portfolio and doing some evaluation exercises that I've learned in my classes-- reviewing both myself and the organization.

Cheers, Ellen

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