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From the Ground Up

The volunteers, mentor, student leader, and family all in one picture with the finished garden!

This Victory Garden was created from a grassy yard and transformed into a productive and leafy space by committed volunteers. NC State students, a local family, and Haven House came together to make this great garden; it's been created with sheet mulch and compost, cinder blocks that were then painted, and plants that were lovingly put into the dirt underneath a home-made greenhouse! As a team, we managed to make the garden and greenhouse, put rubber mulch under the play-set, move some large rocks, and trim the hedges all in two hours!

A Victory Garden Grows in Wade CAC

This Victory Garden is chock-full of veggies for Liz Roberts and Aaron Muscle's family! Liz is a local pastor in Raleigh, right by NC State, and she responded with hope for community involvement and fresh food. Liz and Aaron have two children, Libby and Wesley, who were excited to pick out and grow "trees" (broccoli) and the tallest plants that we could find! Everyone was so excited for this project that we filled the garden bed full of donated plants, and then the cinder block holes on the border, and still had more plants!

Thank you, NC State & Haven House for your service!

Thanks to Campbell's Nursery

Thank You Phi Gamma Delta

For coming out and doing so many odd jobs

Thank you for bringing such a large portion of the volunteer force! You guys helped with the rubber mulch under the play-set, with building the greenhouse, taking pictures, and of course installing the garden!

Thank You Pieology

For donating pizza for all the volunteers. Thank you Donna for your passion and love of community! Thank you for providing everyone with plenty of food after working hard! Everyone was satisfied with all the choice toppings you provided and we'll definitely be visiting for dinner soon!

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