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Creating a Social Media Strategy

It is 2017. It seems like every walk of life is engaging on some form of social media- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr… the possibilities are endless. However, social media can be beneficial in many reasons.

By using social media, I am able to update my network on the progress I am making. In this fast paced world, people do not have time to sit and read articles for hours. By having an eye catching picture with a short caption, my audience is engaged for a brief moment. It is extremely important to create a relationship with my network, sharing key pieces of information and making it feel like a bond is being formed.

I try and post to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter once a week with updates on the project. That way, my friends, family, and peers can see how the garden installation is progressing at the touch of a button. Following my research on Google, social media can help: increase VG awareness, generate new leads, grow revenue or donations, generate traffic to website/other media pages, and helps to build a community. All of these correspond with my experience with varying social media sites. Each one is slightly different, which caters to different cohorts of people.

One thing I could have done better is post each step of the process on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter since I started the internship in November. However, I have schoolwork and 2 jobs to focus on, so time management is in extreme effect!

Thank you for your constant support and be sure to follow us on social media!

If you would like to volunteer on April 8th from 9:30-11:30am, click here.

To donate to my project, click here.




Hope to talk to you all soon.



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